Supremacy might be the pioneer Melodic Hard Rock band in Colombia as well as one of the most vital projects the genre has seen in the later years. Paul Reÿna (bass), Danny Acosta (guitar), Harold Waller (voice), Andres GG Andreas Tovar (drums) and Paulo Cuevas (teclado/voz) are a force of five that finds a very natural balance between classic (Def Leppard, Mr. Big, Danger Danger) and contemporary (The Poodles, H.E.A.T, Pretty Maids) influences, reaching a unique voice that tells us about all those great 80s and 90s achievements that made Hard Rock and AOR universal, but also speaks about its future in a present tense and with an unquestionable modern-day production. It all began in Bogota, capital city of Colombia, a country deeply rooted in its tropical culture but with a profound admiration for high quality hard rock coming from the independent circles; one that never really developed any strong platform for these kind of rock adventures as much as Europe, Asia or North America.
That`s how in April 2009, after the banishing of some previous early projects, Paul, Harold, Danny and Andres, with other seasoned musicians by their side, gathered together to confront the circumstances and to leave their hearts and souls performing the kind of rock n roll they always loved passionately.
Their big stage debut came early, opening for spanish heavy metal legends Baron Rojo at Teatro Metropol in their native city. Immediately the word about Supremacy spread, and people started singing along to the huge melodic hooks of their original songs, always sealed with the enveloping quality of their fine guitar and keyboard work.

In 2010 they recorded a set of early songs titled "Whispers Of Hope", an EP that got them to collaborate with mastering engineer Joe Lambert from Steve Vai, Judas Priest, Joe Satriani, Dio and Black Label Society fame.

Meanwhile their live performances got stronger, inside and outside of the city. 2010 was a year that saw them play in many stages and on September the 9TH it all came down to the Simon Bolivar park, where they played for more than 25,000 attendees as the only local act in a bill that included Scorpions (Germany) and Cinderella (USA).

The band began to work in a first long play debut that got lost - in a very literal sense-, when the recording studio got robbed and the master tapes with it. "Beyond" was the only song rescued from those sessions, produced with Noé Santamaria, that got a digital release later in 2011 along with two older tracks, "Crazy Love" and "Life Is Ending", re-recorded by fan request.

Those where difficult times for the band, with members coming in and out, with many pieces finding their way to fit the puzzle. Then, a brand new composing and recording era began between the years 2013 and 2014. The band also got a new found power by adding the talents of virtuoso Paulo Cuevas (Sigma, Within The Hour) as keyboard player and second lead voice. The new song demos where solid and served as a good hearted premonition for an achievement never before seen before in Colombia.

Soon, many talents opened their ears and wanted to be part of this upcoming adventure called Leaders, a ten track album that includes stellar melodic rock personalities as Nigel Bailey (Three Lions), Jakob Samuel (The Poodles) and Robert Sall (Work Of Art), also with the mixing, mastering and vocal talent of Alessandro Del Vecchio, a recognized Italian musician and producer that`s been given an unmistakable sound to albums by the likes of Fergie Frederiksen, Hardline, Bonfire, Revolution Saints, Rated X and Lionville among others.

"Leaders" will find its way out in the world during July of 2015 in all main digital music platforms along the web and in august all over Europe through Borila Rekords. "On My Way", its first single featuring some great vocal performances of English singer Nigel Bailey, was heard around mid-May through the band`s official social media accounts, making a strong impact debut on the specialized rock radio stations from Germany, Italy, England and Spain, receiving fan support from Colombia to Mexico and from China to Japan. The band played a superb live show in Bogota opening for Boston legends Extreme, during June. The ballad "Meaning of Love" and the single "Yesterday a Freedom" (with Alessandro Del Vecchio as a guest voice and the epic guitar solo by new AOR maestro, Robert Säll, from Work Of Art) appe